Annex III of machinery directive 2006/42/EC - CE marking

The text in RED color is the amended or added text in comparison with the former 98/37/EC machinery directive.

ANNEX III : CE marking

The CE conformity marking shall consist of the initials "CE" taking the following form:

marquage CE


If the CE marking is reduced or enlarged the proportions shown in the above drawing must be respected.

The various components of the CE marking must have substantially the same vertical dimension, which may not be less than 5 mm. The minimum dimension may be waived for small-scale machinery.

The CE marking must be affixed in the immediate vicinity of the name of the manufacturer or his authorised representative, using the same technique.

Where the full quality assurance procedure referred to in Article 12(3)(c) and 12(4)(b) has been applied, the CE marking must be followed by the identification number of the notified body.

Comment : A III-1

New requirements have been introduced on the location of the marking.

When the full quality assurance procedure is applied, the CE marking of machinery must be immediately followed by the identification number of the notified body. See whereas 22 and Annex I, paragraph 1.7.3.

This allows a comparison with the requirements of other directives when production control (audit) is performed (eg ATEX Directive 94/9/EC).

Original comment : A III-1

Des nouvelles exigences ont été ajoutées concernant l’emplacement du marquage.

Lorsque la procédure d’assurance qualité complète est appliquée, le marquage CE des machines doit être immédiatement suivi du numéro d’identification de l’organisme notifié. Voir considérant 22 et annexe I paragraphe 1.7.3.

Ce point permet un rapprochement avec les exigences d’autres directives lorsqu’un contrôle de la fabrication est effectué (exemple : directive ATEX 94/9/CE).