Articles of ATEX 94/9/CE directive

(1) the italic wording of the articles and annexes has been added by the author. because, the original text of Directive 94/9/EC does not provide these labels


Articles of ATEX Directive 94/9/EC

CHAPTER I : Scope, placing on the market and free movement

Article 1Scope and Definitions (1)

Article 2marketing products and provisions for Member States market surveillance

Article 3Tax satisfaction the essential requirements of safety and health in Annex II

Article 4requirement not prohibition, restriction or hindrance by the Member States for placing on the market and putting into service of products

Article 5requirement for Member States to consider as presumed to conform to the requirements of Directive devices protection systems and components constructed in accordance with a harmonized standard

Article 6seized by the Member States or the Commission of the Committee established by Directive 83/189/EEC in case the satisfaont harmonized standards do not entirely meet the essential requirements referred to in Article 3 ,

Article 7Procedure for a Member State to withdraw the equipment , protective systems or devices referred to in Article 1 paragraph 2 of the market , to prohibit the placing on the market, putting into service or restrict their freedom of movement when they may compromise the safety of persons and , where appropriate , domestic animals or property.

CHAPTER II - Procedures for conformity assessment

Article 8definition of conformity assessment of equipment in accordance with the requirements of Annex III procedures , in combination with in categories of devices:

- The procedure relating to production quality assurance or product listed in annex IV or VII, or the procedures of the EC unit verification referred to in Annex IX


- The procedure relating to product verification referred to in Annex V , or the procedure relating to conformity to type referred to inAnnex VI

And the requirement to communicate the dossier provided for in Annex VIII, paragraph 3, to a notified body, which shall acknowledge receipt of the file as soon as possible and keep it ;

Article 9: requirement for Member States to notify the Commission and other Member States of the bodies which they have appointed to carry out the procedures referred to in Article 8

CHAPTER III: CE conformity marking

Article 10Definition of EC conformity marking - consist of the initials CE and model defined in Annex X

Article 11Monitoring and control of the market by Member States

CHAPTER IV : Final Provisions

Article 12appeals procedure if a manufacturer of prohibition, restriction or hindrance by the Member States for placing on the market and putting into service of products

Article 13confidentiality clause for the parties involved in the application of the Directive to all information obtained in the performance of their duties

Article 14Repeal of the old guidelines and validity of old certificates

Article 15requirement for Member States to transpose Directive 94/9/EC into national legislation

Article 16Recipients of the ATEX 94/9/EC Directive : Member States