1 ESSENTIAL HEALTH AND SAFETY REQUIREMENTS of annex 1 - definitions - machinery directive 2006/42/EC

The text in RED color is the amended or added text in comparison with the former 98/37/EC machinery directive.





The definitions have been completed in order to bring it into line with the definitions proposed in the standards.


Original Comment:

Les définitions ont été complétées afin de se mettre en accord avec les définitions proposées dans les normes.

1.1.1. Definitions

For the purpose of this Annex:

(a) "hazard" means a potential source of injury or damage to health;

(b) "danger zone" means any zone within and/or around machinery in which a person is subject to a risk to his health or safety;

(c) "exposed person" means any person wholly or partially in a danger zone;

(d) "operator" means the person or persons installing, operating, adjusting, maintaining, cleaning, repairing or moving machinery;

 (e) "risk" means a combination of the probability and the degree of an injury or damage to health that can arise in a hazardous situation;

(f) "guard" means a part of the machinery used specifically to provide protection by means of a physical barrier;

(g) "protective device" means a device (other than a guard) which reduces the risk, either alone or in conjunction with a guard;

(h) "intended use" means the use of machinery in accordance with the information provided in the instructions for use;

(i) "reasonably foreseeable misuse" means the use of machinery in a way not intended in the instructions for use, but which may result from readily predictable human behaviour.