Article 1.2.5. Selection of control or operating modes - annex 1 of machinery directive 2006/42/EC

The text in RED color is the amended or added text in comparison with the former 98/37/EC machinery directive

1.2.5. Selection of control or operating modes

The control or operating mode selected must override all other control or operating modes, with the exception of the emergency stop.

If machinery has been designed and constructed to allow its use in several control or operating modes requiring different protective measures and/or work procedures,  it must be fitted with a mode selector which can be locked in each position. Each position of the selector must be clearly identifiable and must correspond to a single operating or control mode.

The selector may be replaced by another selection method which restricts the use of certain functions of the machinery to certain categories of operator.

If, for certain operations, the machinery must be able to operate with a guard displaced or removed and/or a protective device disabled, the control or operating mode selector must simultaneously:

- disable all other control or operating modes,

- permit operation of hazardous functions only by control devices requiring sustained action,

- permit the operation of hazardous functions only in reduced risk conditions while preventing hazards from linked sequences,

- prevent any operation of hazardous functions by voluntary or involuntary action on the machine's sensors.

If these four conditions cannot be fulfilled simultaneously, the control or operating mode selector must activate other protective measures designed and constructed to ensure a safe intervention zone.

In addition, the operator must be able to control operation of the parts he is working on from the adjustment point.


The text of the former Directive 98/37/EC mentioned "switch operating modes". He was replaced by "mode selection command or operation."

The modified parts of this paragraph have been in order to align with the definitions of standards and mainly of EN 12100-2.

The last paragraph was amended "If these four conditions can not be fulfilled simultaneously, ..." objective is to allow additional functionning that must be analyzed in the risk analysis of the machine. Indeed, in this configuration, the protection and safety of the machine in order to ensure the safety of the operator were either withdrawn, or neutralized.

Original Comment:

Le texte de l’ancienne directive 98/37/CE mentionnait « sélecteur des modes de marche ». Il a été remplacé par « Sélection des modes de commande ou de fonctionnement ».

Les parties modifiées de ce paragraphe l’on été afin de se mettre en adéquation avec les définitions des normes et principalement de la norme EN 12100-2.

Le dernier paragraphe modifié « Si ces quatre conditions ne peuvent être remplies simultanément, … » a pour objectif d’autoriser des fonctionnements supplémentaires qui doivent être analysés dans l’étude de risque de la machine. En effet dans cette configuration, les protections et sécurités de la machine destinés à assurer la sécurité de l’opérateur ont été soit retirées, soit neutralisées.