Article 18 : Confidentiality - machinery directive 2006/42/EC

The text in RED color is the amended or added text in comparison with the former 98/37/EC machinery directive.

Article 18 :  Confidentiality

1. Without prejudice to existing national provisions and practices in the area of confidentiality, Members States shall ensure that all parties and persons concerned by the application of this Directive are required to treat as confidential information obtained in the execution of their tasks. More particularly business, professional and trade secrets shall be treated as confidential, unless the divulging of such information is necessary in order to protect the health and safety of persons.

2. The provisions of paragraph 1 shall not affect the obligations of the Member States and the notified bodies with regard to mutual exchange of information and the issuing of warnings.

3. Any decisions taken by the Member States and by the Commission in accordance with Articles 9 and 11 shall be published.