Standardization in Ex Field

Standardization in the field of ATEX and Ex

Standardization in the field of ATEX includes:
  1. Standardization associated with the put on the market of ATEX and Ex products including:
  • Construction standards for the certification of the product for:
    • electrical equipment in ATEX
    • safety devices in ATEX
    • non-electrical equipment in ATEX (hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic mainly)
  • Standards used for the notification of the quality assurance system: EN 13980,  EN ISO/CEI 80079-34 and OD 005-1 for IECEx                                        
  1. Standardization associated with the use, implementation and repair of certified equipment including 
  • Standards related to the use, installation and repair of ATEX equipment

Design standards for ATEX : Ex products are covered mainly by IEC 60079-0 standard specifies general requirements for construction, test and marking of electrical apparatus and Ex components intended for use in explosive atmospheres.

This standard is supplemented or amended by the following standards relating to specific modes of protection:

  • IEC 60079-1: Gas - "d" Flameproof enclosures;
  • IEC 60079-2: Gas -Pressurized enclosures "p";
  • IEC 60079-5: Gas - Powder filling "q";
  • IEC 60079-6: Gas - Oil immersion "o";
  • IEC 60079-7: Gas - increased safety "e";
  • IEC 60079-11: Gas - Intrinsic Safety "i";
  • IEC 60079-15: Gas - Type of protection "n";
  • IEC 60079-18: Gas and Dust - Encapsulation "m";
  • IEC 60079-31: Dust - Protection by enclosure "t";
  • IEC 61241-4: Dust - Pressurization"pD".


In terms of safety devices in ATEX, the main standard is EN 50495 which origin is the European project SAFEC.


For non-electric apparatus in ATEX, the main standards are the following standards:

  • EN13463-1: General requirements
  • EN13463-2: Envelope limited traffic
  • EN13463-3: Flameproof
  • EN13463-5: Security Building
  • EN13463-6: Checking the ignition source
  • EN13463-7: Pressurized
  • EN13463-8: Immersion in a liquid