EN ISO 14121-1 September 2007

EN ISO 14121-1 - September 2007

Replaces the approved standard EN 1050  dated January 1997, that remains in effect until December 2009.

Correspondence The European standard EN ISO 14121-1:2007 has the status of French standard and reproduces in full the international standard ISO 14121-1:2007.

Analysis This document belongs to a series of type A standards (fundamental safety standards).

It gives information related to risk assessment. Procedures are described for identifying hazards and estimating and evaluating risk. It also gives guidance on making decisions relating to machine safety and on the type of documentation required to verify the risk assessment that is carried out.

Descriptors Technical International Thesaurus: safety of machines, accident prevention,


Modifications With respect to the replaced document:

— introduction of the three step method from NF EN ISO 12100-1;

— addition of a paragraph relating to the presumption of adequate reduction of risk;

— update of annex A relating to examples of dangerous phenomena;

— removal of annex B (analysis methods), which is subject to an ISO technical report (ISO TR 14121-2).

Corrections With respect to the 1st issue, the date of withdrawal of replaced national standards is postponed to December 28, 2009.