Article 1.1.5. Design of machinery to facilitate its handling - annex 1 machinery directive 2006/42/EC

The text in RED color is the amended or added text in comparison with the former 98/37/EC machinery directive.

1.1.5.  Design of machinery to facilitate   its  handling

Machinery, or each component part thereof, must:

- be capable of being handled and transported safely,

- be packaged or designed so that it can be stored safely and without damage.

During the transportation of the machinery and/or its component parts, there must be no possibility of sudden movements or of hazards due to instability as long as the machinery and/or its component parts are handled in accordance with the instructions.

Where the weight, size or shape of machinery or its various component parts prevents them from being moved by hand, the machinery or each component part must:

- either be fitted with attachments for lifting gear, or

- be designed so that it can be fitted with such attachments, or

- be shaped in such a way that standard lifting gear can easily be attached.

Where machinery or one of its component parts is to be moved by hand, it must:

- either be easily moveable, or

- be equipped for picking up and moving safely.

Special arrangements must be made for the handling of tools and/or machinery parts which, even if lightweight, could be hazardous.


This is an input in the risk analysis. These points are in some cases not covered by normative requirements.

Original Comment:

Ce point est une entrée de l’analyse de risque. Ces points sont dans certains cas couverts pas les exigences normatives.