Article 6 : Freedom of movement - machinery directive 2006/42/EC

The text in RED color is the amended or added text in comparison with the former 98/37/EC machinery directive.

Article 6 : Freedom of movement

1. Member States shall not prohibit, restrict or impede the placing on the market and/or putting into service in their territory of machinery which complies with this Directive.

2. Member States shall not prohibit, restrict or impede the placing on the market of partly completed machinery  where the manufacturer or his authorised representative makes a declaration of incorporation, referred to in Annex II, part 1, Section B, stating that it is to be incorporated into machinery or assembled with other partly completed machinery to form machinery.

3. At trade fairs, exhibitions, demonstrations, and such like, Member States shall not prevent the showing of machinery or partly completed machinery which does not conform to this Directive, provided that a visible sign clearly indicates that it does not conform and that it will not be made available until it has been brought into conformity. Furthermore, during demonstrations of such non-conforming machinery or partly completed machinery, adequate safety measures shall be taken to ensure the protection of persons.


This article applies primarily to states that should not oppose prohibit, restrict or impede the placing on the market and / or putting into service machines in their territory.

In addition, the EU has implemented the regulations and the following decision:

Regulation (EC) No 764/2008 laying down procedures relating to the application of some national technical rules to products lawfully marketed in another Member State.

Decision No 768/2008/EC related on a common framework for the sales of products and repealing Decision 93/465/EEC (decision modules).


Partly completed machinery are only concerned with the placing on the market and must be accompanied by a declaration of incorporation and not an EC declaration of conformity as stipulated in point e) of Article 5.

Machines and Partly completed machines that do not have a CE marking or not fitted with incorporation declaration or an EC declaration of conformity may still run under well specified conditions (fairs, exhibitions or similar events, ...) - see also whereas 17.

Original Comment:

Cet article s’applique principalement aux Etats qui ne doivent pas s’opposer à interdire, restreindre ou entraver la mise sur le marché et/ou la mise en service sur leur territoire des machines.

En complément, l’UE a mis en œuvre le règlement et la décision suivante :

Règlement (CE) N° 764/2008 établissant les procédures relatives à l'application de certaines règles techniques nationales à des produits commercialisés légalement dans un autre État membre.

Décision N° 768/2008/CE relative à un cadre commun pour la commercialisation des produits et abrogeant la décision 93/465/CEE (décision modules).


Les quasi-machines ne sont concernées que par la mise sur le marché et doivent être accompagnées d’une déclaration d’incorporation et non pas d’une déclaration CE de conformité comme cela est stipulé au point e) de l’article 5.

Les machines et quasi-machines ne possédant pas de marquage CE ou non munis de déclaration d’incorporation ou d’une déclaration CE de conformité peuvent néanmoins circuler dans des conditions bien précisées (foires, expositions ou manifestations similaires, …) – voir également considérant 17.